No Heat?

1. Check Your Oil Level


Myth: Tapping or banging on the side of the tank can determine oil level.

Truth: All tank will sound the same whether they are full or empty! 

Depending on whether your oil line comes out of the top or bottom of your tank can vary when you run out of product. In most cases you should have at least 1/8 of a tank or more to have a sufficient supply of oil to your furnace.

2. Check Your Thermostat


 Set your thermostat at least 5 degrees above your current room temperature to see if you furnace comes on. If you have digital thermostat make sure that your batteries do not need to be replaced.    Some thermostats require to be    switched to "heat".   

3. Check Your Power


Check to make sure that your emergency switch is in the ON position. Next go to your breaker box and make sure that your furnace breaker is not tripped or that a fuse is not blown. 

4. Check the Reset


Locate the "Reset Button" on the top of your burner motor. Along the right side between the 4 screws that hold the wires in will be an indicator light. When green everything is okay. When red it means it is currently off on reset.  Push the Red Push Button on the front of the control. Please take notice as to what the furnace does. (Runs, but shuts right back off - just hums) This will help a service technician, should you need one. Just remember this is a safety device and may have shut the furnace down for safety reason and should only be a temporary fix until you can have a technician come and evaluate things.



5. Check the Filter


If you have a Hot Air Furnace or Mobile Home Furnace you will have an air filter. These air filters need to be cleaned of replaced on a regular basis. If an air filter becomes clogged and is unable to past air through it easily it will cause the furnace to shut down. 

6. Call Our Office


Should you still find yourself without heat, give us a call. We have certified technicians on call 24/7 to  get your heating        system up and running.