Heating Oil Tanks


Concerned about your heating oil tank? Rest assured if your tank springs a leak or you just need a new tank we can do that. We have in stock, all the necessary parts to do a professional job. Along with the installation we will take you old tank and dispose of it properly. Giving you reliability, durability and peace of mind. Call for a free estimate. 

Tank Guard

TANK-GUARD® is a proactive oil tank protection program for aboveground fuel oil tanks. It features the proprietary TANK-GUARD® corrosion protection additive to prevent internal tank corrosion. This effective “once-a-year” additive is installed by pouring into the tank during a regular delivery. The program is recognized as the Industry Standard for tank corrosion and warranty protection for homeowners. This service provides a cost effective way for your customers to protect their tanks against internal corrosion and is backed by our ‘peace-of-mind’ warranty if a tank fails due to internal corrosion. Once enrolled in the Tank Guard program should your tank leak due to internal corrosion, you will receive up to $1,000 reimbursement towards the cost of replacing your tank. (*Call for more details)

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Winterize Your Outside Tank

This program was designed for the outside tank customers. It is fuel additive automatically added to any fuel delivery between September 1st, and depending on weather conditions, as late as the end of March. This fuel additive protects against winter freeze up problems related to zero temperatures. We highly recommend this program to anyone with an outside fuel oil tank. This small investment could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.