Same Great Delivery Options Since the Beginning


Automatic Delivery*

Automatic Delivery is preferred by many of our customers. Not only is it a FREE service but it is convenient. The customer no longer has to worry about remembering to call in for a deliveries throughout the winter! We have a computerized system that tracts your past usage, along with the daily temperatures to calculate when you need you next delivery. 

*At anytime that your heating needs increase (new baby,  remodel, etc.) or you see your tank is below 1/4 it is important that you let us know, so we may adjust for these changes. 


Will Call

We realize that all customers are not the same, so if you would rather call in for your fuel, that is fine. We encourage all customers to call when they see they are down to a 1/4 of a tank of heating oil. Please allow 3 business days for deliveries. (May take longer during inclement weather)